Iltarastit is open for anybody. You do not need to be a member of a club. Iltarastit is not a competition but an orienteering even with time taking provided as a courtesy of the organisers. You participate on your own risk.

There are alternative tracks from beginners to more experienced; 1.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9 km. The longer tracks are also more demanding from orienteering skills point of view. Select and draw your own track.

All the controls in the terrain are marked on all maps. The alterative tracks are shown in the model maps located on the tables next to the Iltarastit caravan. Copy the track you choose by drawing the lines between the selected controls onto you map.The identification number of the control in the terrain is the same as the number of the control on the map. Iltarastit staff is happy to assist you. You can start at any time you choose. You will get a printout with your total time and split times when you have completed the course. The results will also appear on internet before the next event.

The controls are equipped with EMIT-devices – the Nordic system for electronic punching and timing. You can rent your own device from the Iltarastit caravan.

We expect you to behave as a good citizen and avoid entering private courtyards or running on cultivated land. You must not use or cross big highways or rails. You may use or cross a road but must be careful – they are not blocked from other traffic. You are not limited to the track alternatives provided by the organisers but you are free to draw you own track by connecting the controls as you see best fit.

The controls remain in the terrain six days after the event. You can use the maps and tracks at any time best for you.

You can also by the map from Suunnistajan Kauppa (Museokatu 34, Helsinki).



  • Map fee: 10€
  • When under 16years old free charge,with an paying adult
  • Net order 4 maps 30€, 7 maps 50€
  • Iltarastit Saldo -serieticket: Saldo30 (4 maps 30€) ja Saldo50 (7 maps 50€)

Renting an Emit- device  2 €

You can also use the vouchers your Finnish employer may have given you. Called Smartum-liikuntaseteli, TYKY-liikuntaseteli sekä VIRIKE-seteli.You can also pay with MobilePay